Digital Civil Rights in Europe

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Last session from the Public Voice events –

Presenting the declaration – Global Privacy Standards for a Global World, The Civil Society Declaration Madrid, Spain, 3 November 2009

Ms. Jennifer Stoddart, Privacy Commissioner, Canada (Canada)

Describing Canada’s situation. Other activitis from the DPA.

The Canadian DPA fully supports the Declaration.

Mr. Jacob Kohnstamm, EU Article 29 Group Vice-Chairman (Netherlands)

I am impressed not only by the things in the declaration, but also by the vast ammount of NGOs who signed. How to empower data subjects ?

Accountabilty – but to explain it better, haiving the DPAs more power to enforce.

Mr. Rafael García Gozalo, Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spain)

Frank and sincere support of the Spannish DPA for this Declaration. Resolution from the past conf – international resolution of privcay standard s – creating a huge map of compatibilities (you should see the presentation here) – just four issues where is the same opinion.

Mission – to draft a document according to the criteria set up by the conf. define the effective application, examine the role of self-regulation

Wanted to obtain the broadest institutional and social consensus. Now final draft for the Madrid conf.

Main features:

– not an innovative text – based of existant principles

– not a european text – looking for maximum consensus

– guarantee adequate level of protection

– importance of international transfers

– importance of self-regulation

Mr. Simon Davies, Privacy International (UK)

Mr. Simon Davies, founder of Privacy International (UK), sends a bouquet of flowers to the regulators and organizations

I missed his speech 🙁

Mr. Peter Hustinx, Supervisor, European Data Protection Supervisor (Netherlands) – closing remarks

Congratulate Public Voice and Marc. EDPS underscores the enourmos work or civil society – also on keeping other actors sharp. We agree on the increased importance of privacy in and ICT dependant. The stakes getting higher every year.

We need to focus on greater effectiveness. It should be effective in a real world – drilled to the bottom. Integrated approaches to combine.

The Lisbon treaty has a very proeminent provision of data protection. I find not only welcome this declaration and a strong signal of awareness.

String messages in the text by the spannish DPA: adopted by consensus – strong consesus of messages fromall over the world. There are innovative elements – there will be long and hard until it will be an international convention.

Responsibility is key – in implementing privacy in everything that is being done.

The emphasis is shifting from DP Authorities to responsable parties that need to prove that they did the correct thing.

The role of the DPA will change – and will need to focus where that it needs to be.

We need to fix things in RFID isues, Social networks, cloud computing.

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