Digital Civil Rights in Europe

Notes taken during the Speech (might have misssed some things):

Speech Stravros Limbrinidis – VicePresident EP

– we live in a world where everyone want to have the biggest access to our private data. And they can, today. This is the schyzofrenia of the Internet. Talk freely. Organize freely. The right to education and access to info. The 21 litteracy will be e-litteracy, including using our fundamental rights through the Internet.

Although the Internet give the explosion of these rights, it also put them into anger. Much easier for my privacy to be breached. Or my FoE to be chilled.

Example from my past: a few decades ago in Greece – a file on every citizen on what newspaper does it read. We burned those files, and today when I access any newspaper online – I left a footprint.

We should not presume to give our consent on the Internet, just because they can. Every law tthat aplies to the real world should apply to the online world. So if they can’t access snailmail, they should not access emails.

Lambrinidis: “We do not and should not be presumed to consent to someone searching us simply because they can.”

Is privacy a dispansable good ? No, only in a democracy you would find this ultimate right. The citizens should monitor the govt and private sector, not the other way arround.

Any measure to fight crime needs to be necessary, proportionate and appriopriate – few of the measures announced today by police meet the standard – enlarging teh scope – from terrorism to grave crimes and then to pickpokets. ( the terorist know that street are surveilant, then they will use living rooms to work –

If you have nothing to hide, you don’t have a life ! Get a life ! – this is not an argument, not in a democracy.

We have assigned to courts to asess these measures.

A legitimate debate in a society to decide how to use copyright. But you can’t legitimate all surveillance technologies in order to catch one criminal.

You shouldn’t play on my fear for bad people. Young people would be the first to tell you what are you talking about (even though they use social networks).

Big Brother in Europe today would not be applied in an authoritian regime. But it will be applied with our consent.

One of the bad and complicate battles that are coming up is the battle for consent.

Amendment 138 – civil society did a good job in raising awareness on this issue.

Acces to Internet should not be cut off without judicial ruling.

Amendment 138 – EP is working on a negociation to make sure that the principle stands from a legal point of view.

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