Digital Civil Rights in Europe

13-15 October 2008, Strasbourg, France
EDRi is a partner of the PrivacyOS project – a thematic network for privacy protection infrastructure within the current European Commission´s ICT Policy Support Programme.

The general objectives of PrivacyOS are to create a long-term
collaboration in the thematic network and establish collective
interfaces with other EU projects. Participants will exchange research
and best practices, as well as develop strategies and joint projects
following four core policy goals: Awareness-rising, enabling
privacy on the Web, fostering privacy-friendly Identity Management, and stipulating research.

Within the Open Space approach all participants are invited to bring
topics to the agenda. It leaves room for spontaneous creation of new
workshops during the conference which reflects the dynamics of the
discussion among participants. Only a set of timeslots is predefined.
The topics for each of the slots are introduced and moderated by
participants. This approach ensures that all topics relevant to the
participants are included and fields of common interest can be
and worked on, while at the same time taking into account different
perspectives across Europe and beyond. By choosing this innovate
conferencing format, dynamic development and interaction between the
participants is encouraged.

The conference primarily addresses legal and technical IT experts,
interested manufacturers of IT products or services as well as data
protection authorities are welcome to register for the event.

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