Digital Civil Rights in Europe

This summer EC is looking to get more ideas on regulation ICT & others:

1. The Commission has opened a consultation by 31 Juy 2008 on

  • Age verification.
  • Cross media rating and classification.
  • Online social networking

The purpose of the public consultation is to gather the knowledge and views of all relevant stakeholders (including public bodies, child safety and consumer organisations, industry). The gathered information will be fed into this year’s Safer Internet Forum 2008, which will be dedicated to the above mentioned topics.

2. The same deadline was established for a consultation on Public Sector Information – PSI Raw Material for New Information Services and Products

The purpose of this online consultation is to gather information from as many sources as possible, including public sector content holders and commercial and non-commercial re-users (universities, NGOs) on their views on different aspects related to the implementation, impact and scope of the PSI Directive.

The results of the online consultation will feed into the debate regarding the review of the PSI Directive.

3. Meglena Kuneva, the European Consumer Commissioner, announced in a recent event that she plans to propose new legislation to cut back the current jungle of complex laws. I will table a simplified common set of rules for business to consumer contracts across the EU.

Wewill publish this Autumn a Digital User Guide, setting out clearly current consumer rights as they exist in the digital world. It is already clear to me that we need to go further. I will then start to work on implementing guidelines of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive for the online world to ensure consumers across the EU are protected against novel unfair practices online.

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