Digital Civil Rights in Europe

Article published in EDRi-gram 6.11

Veni Markovski from EDRi-member ISOC Bulgaria reports on his blog on the first case when the CreativeCommons Licence was upheld in court in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian blogger Elenko Elenkov filed a lawsuit against the newspaper “24 hours” for having used one of his photos, licenced under the CreativeCommons BY-SA, in one of their edition on 20 September 2007 on the cover page and on page 3. The picture did not mention the author or the licence used, but rather attributed the photo on page 3 to “The Internet”.

The correction printed four days later by the newspaper was under the headline and said that “pictures from the Internet forums also have an author”, and that the picture was published “in one of the Internet forums”, and acknowledged that the author was Elenko Elenkov.

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