Digital Civil Rights in Europe

Article published in EDRi-gram 6.7

EDRi-member Chaos Computer Club (CCC) – Germany has published in the latest issue of their magazine Die Datenschleuder the fingerprint of one of the best known proponents of digital fingerprints in passports – Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Minister of Internal Affairs. The fingerprint has been printed on a plastic foil, that can replicate the fingerprint when it is pressed on a biometric reader.

CCC activists wanted to make a point in their fight against digital fingerprints in any ID document, considering such data is easy to collect and reproduce. Despite the numerous warnings, since November 2007 the German passports have included a biometric chip containing fingerprints that can be checked by the customs authorities.

CCC spokesman Frank Rieger explained: “The main point we want to illustrate here is that biometric fingerprints don’t offer any security, they just enhance the surveillance of citizens.”

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