Digital Civil Rights in Europe

EDRi-member Electronic Frontier Finland reports in EDRi-gram 6.3 on the problems with the e-voting in Finland :

A member of Electronic Frontier Finland (Effi), a Finnish association for promoting digital rights and member of EDRi, has recently sent a request of information to the Finnish Ministry of Justice regarding their planned e-voting system. The system will be piloted in the municipal elections during October 2008 and it is based on a DRE (Direct Recording Electronic) type e-voting system from TietoEnator Finland and a Spanish back-end provider, Scytl.

In their response, the Ministry of Justice states that, based on the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, the documentation that has been written concerning the specific details of the e-voting system has to be kept secret on the Documents that have to be kept secret include documents related to the information security of the system and documents that contain information about the trade secrets of a private company, in this case, the systems provider.

Effi’s analysis of the system is only based on high-level documents provided by the Ministry of Justice and a U.S. patent that has been granted to Scytl, and is assumed to form the basis of the Finnish e-voting system core. According to this analysis, the system will not utilise any voter-verified paper ballot system or even the electronic receipt system that is detailed in the Scytl patent.

The entire article on the EDRi website

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  1. The software code has to be made open as this forms the basis of elections scrutiny. It doesn’t matter how elections are run, paper or electronic so long as meaningful observation and adequate security are demonstrated to the satisfaction of all/anyone.


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